Why are You Waiting until Monday?

Everything seems to revolve around Mondays.  Ugh, Mondays.  The beginning of the work week.  The first day of your diet.  The first day of starting exercise.  The day you are going to quit smoking, drinking, or perhaps another vice.  The day you are going to start your cleanse, drink 8 glasses of water, finally start putting yourself first.  This is it.  I’m starting Monday.  We’ve all said it, we’ve all tried to start Monday.  I’ve lost count of the Mondays in my younger days that I was going to start really keeping my blood sugar in control.  If you are in a situation that you want to change and you are going to change on Monday, ask yourself…

Why aren’t you worth it today?

If you want to start eating better, why aren’t you starting now?  Is it because there is that big party coming up on Saturday night?  I promise you, there is another party right around the corner and that one is going to have all the goodies too.  What will you do then?  Start over next Monday? Do you want to exercise but really aren’t in the mindset today so you are going to start Monday.  A bet I’m willing to make… not going to want to start Monday either.  What about smoking, or drinking?  You might say to yourself, I just want to get it out of my system this weekend.  Is there something magical happening this weekend that your system will be done with those things, never to be longed for again?  Spoiler, there’s not.

You are better than that.  Your life and your health are better than Monday.  If you’ve made the decision, I mean really made the decision, then you are ready now.  I lost count of the Mondays that came and went when I was going to put the smack down on my blood sugar control.  I was terrified to go to my endocrinologist because I didn’t want her to see my failure, over and over again.  I would try really hard to eat right and keep my levels in controls in the weeks leading up to my appointment so she would see good numbers.  I wasn’t fooling her, I was fooling myself.  Who cares if she saw good numbers, it didn’t make my body any better.  I was still in poor control so it didn’t matter if she thought I was doing great.  That’s a terrible way to live.

When I made the decision to start really caring for myself, Monday seemed so far away.  I didn’t want to wait until Monday, I wanted it now, not three days from now.  If you are honest with yourself, and I mean the kind of honesty that is difficult to admit, it becomes clear as Crystal Pepsi (yes I realize how much I just dated myself ) the things you need to change.  What nobody in the world but you can control is your desire to do that.  Your desire.  Not someone else’s.  If  you are doing it for someone else, well, I’m sure you know how this story will end.

I’ve written about this a lot, most things in life are about perspective.  I used to look at changing my habits as dreadful, and hard, and something I was never going to be ready for.  Well, bust my buttons, I just can’t understand why it never worked?!?  Change your perspective and you can change your habits, it’s really that simple.  The mind is a very powerful tool that can help you achieve amazing things.

Take Mondays for instance.  Most people hate them, but mostly because we’ve been taught to hate them.  But, not everyone does.  The one thing people who don’t hate Mondays have in common is their perspective.  Think about it, Mondays are a fresh start, they are a way to kick off a new week of adventures.  Do you live for the weekends?  If you do, you’re missing a lot in between.  Embrace each day.  Each day, even Monday, is a new day, a new start, a day to say I was able to put my two feet on the floor today, eat a good breakfast with a roof over my head, it’s a good day!

Change your perspective and you change your world!  When you think how hard it will be to eat right, exercise, or quit whatever it is you need to quit, STOP RIGHT THERE.  Change your perspective.  You will never be able to succeed if you don’t.  It really is mind over matter.  Instead of going in dreading the change, dive in, head first ready for the challenge.  Like I’ve said many times, I can be pretty stubborn, and I don’t like letting things in my control beat me.  Diabetes did that to me for so long, but no more.  I will not let things in my life control me.  I am the one in control over my body.  I am the one who calls the shots.  I’m worth it, and so are you.

Start today, you will not regret it.

Thank you, all, for your interest in Juvenile Journey.  I am so grateful to everyone who reads this and for the positive feedback.

Have a great week, everyone!

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