Andes Candies Mint Thumbprint Cookies

Wow everyone! I made my thumbprints last week and posted to the Facebook group The Wedding Cookie Table. Many asked for my recipe and it absolutely exploded! As of last check, the recipe has been shared more than 329K times and I’ve gotten messages and questions from all over the world. So cool!

Thank you so much to all of you who have shared and commented. Please know that I have been in touch with WordPress, and I am currently working on coding each recipe so it can be printed in an easy format (currently there is a print feature, but it will print the entire page, comments and all). I have typically only done blogs and just recently started adding recipes, so I am still learning how to code and add different features. Hopefully, this particular recipe as well as the Italian Peaches will have the fully functional print feature by the end of the day.

UPDATE: Everything is now coded and working properly! Here is the link to the mint thumbprints,

Happy baking!!

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