Type 1 Diabetes and the Love of Baking

Ahhh, diabetes and baking! Oxymoron you say? Not at all.

This is a sticky subject for me, though not for the reasons you may think. If you have followed me from the start, you already know what I’m about to say. It’s not because diabetes and baking don’t go together. It’s the PERCEPTION that diabetes and baking don’t go together. If you knew I would say that, give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve come a long way!

I’ve said it at least 2,573 times. Diabetes is about knowing YOUR body. It’s about knowing how the disease works, how different foods affect YOUR blood sugar, how insulin works, how to take your insulin differently when you eat differently, and the list goes on.

I’ve never been one to say that this is easy. It’s not easy. At all. It takes time, patience, and the persistence to not give up if something is not working. I used to hate eating Chinese food. Not because I hate Chinese food, but because I could never, ever control my blood sugar in the hours following a meal. I could have just given up Chinese food, but, ummm, yea, not going to happen! I figured it out. I didn’t figure it out the next time or even the time after that. It took trying different ways of taking my insulin, learning that the fat content was slowing down absorption making my sugar levels spike for hours on end, and figuring out exactly how to control the initial drop then severe spikes. Me=1, Chinese food=0.

It’s exactly the same way I feel about baking. I love to bake and try new recipes, so I am not going to let diabetes get in the way of that. It tries, and sometimes it wins, but not often. If it wins sometimes, I know to do things differently the next time. It’s another challenge, but I’m no longer intimidated by those challenges like I was in my earlier days of having diabetes.

I still, after all this time, get comments about what I eat. I eat like everyone else does, it’s just a little more figuring things out for me. Do I sometimes eat a couple cookies or a piece of cake for dessert? Sure do. You should have seen me at Thanksgiving! My dad kept looking across the table and saying, “Wow, that’s a lot of food!” It really was, I won’t lie. And I loved every bite of it. Then I loved every bite of my pumpkin pie piled with whipped cream. Then I loved watching my blood sugar line hold steady all. day. long. Me=1, Thanksgiving=0.

So, with baking, it’s the same for me. People think that if you bake, you eat a lot. I love baking, but I don’t eat half the dough in the process. I may take a bite, and I’ll definitely try a cookie here and there, but I am still surprised when people say, “How are you diabetic and bake all the time?” What? That doesn’t even make sense to me.

If you are a new follower (and shout out to all my new followers, HELLO), and you are wondering how a diabetes website does not feature any sugar-free recipes, please read my post titled “My favorite sugar-free desserts” and you will understand why. Hint: sugar-free is not carb-free and many “sugar-free” versions contain more carbs than the not sugar-free versions. Go figure!

I hope you are all enjoying the recipes. It’s been an overwhelming (in a good way) week with so many new followers and views! Thank you all so much for your interest in my website!

Many new recipes to come this week. I had to learn how to code them, so they are taking some time to upload.

Have a great week, all!

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