What will people say about your attitude when this is all over?

Good day, folks! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy as you try to navigate the uncertainty of the times we find ourselves in.

We have all read and heard countless stories of how difficult this has been, the tragic losses families have had to endure, the milestones that have been and will be missed, the danger of being on the front lines, women having babies without their partners or family surrounding them, the parents struggling with working and trying to homeschool, and the list goes on. We are all trying our best to get through the seemingly monotonous days with some sense of sanity when we lay our heads down. All of our stories are different and so is the way we deal with all that is happening.

In some ways, it feels as though we are all mourning the time that is being lost. Each day that passes is a day without our loved ones. A day without gathering and laughter shared over a meal. In other ways, it feels like we all needed to step back to evaluate the things that we were making a priority over what truly matters. I really feel that God was telling me Let’s make this a time of reflection, kid, we’ll get through this together.

I know for me, I am trying my best to see the light at the end of all of this and pray that I come out of it with a deeper appreciation for the things I took for granted. If you’ve read my previous posts, I am a huge believer in the power of positivity. I am constantly telling my girls about the importance of seeing the positive in even the bleakest of situations. That is not to say that it is easy to do that everyday, it’s not. It’s something you have to work at all the time. I have had really crummy days through this, and I have also had some of the best. We have had more family dinners, game nights, indoor campouts, and movie nights than ever before.

I talk about positivity so much because I see how toxic negativity can be. I see posts everyday of people complaining about every little thing. I always thought that wisdom came with age, but I’ve seen, especially in all of this madness, that this is sadly not the case. I’ve seen this pandemic bring out the best in humanity and I’ve seen it bring out the true complainers. A lesson I learned a long time ago is not to surround myself with toxic people because it is too easy to get sucked into drama. I left drama behind a long, long time ago.

I hope we can all find the positive in these uncertain times, and I hope we can have a new understanding of what is important, what is not, and how we can better ourselves moving forward. How will people say you handled this situation?

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!